What is Snapchat?  Snapchat is an American mobile messaging app for Android & iOS devices. One of it’s main features is that content is available for only a short time before it becomes inaccessible to its recipients. Why is this? Because its founders believed it promoted a more natural kind of ‘conversation’. Snapchat was and is developed around mobile; Before Snap burst onto the scene in 2011, social media platforms were geared towards desktops and accumulating data. Snapchat now has over 230 million users active daily, sending around 4 billion Snaps. So, it’s a platform with a wide reach, and, crucially, a platform where YOU can make money as an amateur private content creator.

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What is a Premium Snapchat Account? It’s nothing more than an account set up by an individual to share content for cash. So don’t be jumping on the App Store looking for Premium Snapchat. You won’t find it. Most ‘premium snapchat accounts’ share content of an XXX adult nature, and many of them are amateurs. It’s all part of the new creator economy, instead of big corporations controlling media, it’s now being broadcast by millions of individuals sharing billions of pieces of content; one caveat though…the big corporations are still there, think Twitter, Facebook even Snap, nevertheless the trend is for more decentralized media broadcasting. As anyone in the adult industry knows, we’re continually fighting against control and censorship, so the trick is to ride whatever trend is ‘de rigeur’ at any given time. A bit like riding a wave 🙂

Putting it bluntly, in the UK at least, Covid19 control measures have shut down skin on skin sex between anyone except co-habitating/married couples. The sex trade has ground almost to a halt, with escorting, BDSM, swingers clubs, adult parties all banned. Prior to ‘the virus’ many service providers especially millennials, were already selling content on platforms like AdultWork, OnlyFans & others. Since we’ve all been under what can effectively be called ‘house arrest’, there’s been an explosion of adult content made available for sale, not just by sex-workers, but amateurs too. In the case of the former it’s been crucial to their very survival, while others have seen it as a means to make a fast buck working from home. But it’s not all roses……

Are you sick and tired of OnlyFans being rammed down your throat across adult social media? EVERYBODY’s on it, or so it would seem. There are even accounts out there who warn they WON’T FOLLOW those touting OnlyFans content. Official statistics are hard to find, even our SEMrush software struggles, however, we’ve uncovered some interesting figures, which back up anecdotal evidence. The site has 1 + million content creators. It gets 7-8000 new content creators signing up per day. It has 50 million registered users.

OnlyFans takes a 20% cut on its users’ transactions. Average earnings from OnlyFans is just £120 a month. Top 1% of accounts  make a third of all the money. Most accounts take less than £97 a month.

[source:https://bit.ly/3rByiee/ ]

In 2019, OnlyFans was only reckoned to have 60,000 content creators. So, guys, growth has been beyond exponential, fueled by #StayHomeStaySafe control measures, and a thirst for porn particularly amateur stuff from people deprived of physical social interaction. AdmireMe.VIP is a similar platform. North East based, its now turning over £12 million a year on the back of yep you guessed it, hard working content creators. It’s not uncommon to see tweets from sex-workers boasting about whole days of work filming XXX content.  YAWN.

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Nor is it unusual to see them advertising access to these clips for little more than small change…. yes I know it’s click bait…but the OnlyFans figures speak for themselves. Isn’t it a whole lotta hassle for £97 quid a month? IMAO you’d be better off delivering takeaways 2 or 3 nights a week for your local Indian or chippie.

Recently we’ve been approached & done work for private content creators on Snapchat who have been selling XXX content. Or more correctly, content creators on Snapchat who ‘were trying to sell XXX content’. The problem with any kind of digital XXX sale is that it is classed as ‘High Risk’ and shunned by 95% of the card processing industry. People get round this by calling their content something else entirely, misleading platforms like Shopify & Stripe in order to sell it. Invariably, they get discovered and shut down. Some have had considerable sums of money withheld once their cover has been blown. Some have or had hundreds of subscribers, paying anything between £20 and £60+ a month for access to premium snapchat accounts. Instead of giving up 20% in commissions to the likes of OnlyFans, they’ve been paying less than half that while enjoying independent status, & without having to compete against a million others on the same site.  We at websesignforescorts.co.uk have had back end access to Shopify accounts granted to us by ‘concerned users’ trying to find a way forward. We have seen with our own eyes amateur private content creators using premium snapchat accounts to earn revenues in excess of £3000 a month. So its no wonder they’re ‘in shock’ when it all ends in tears. Are you beginning to see why so many folk ‘follow the fold’ [people do that don’t they!] and support platforms like OnlyFans? And line the pockets of the creator economy giants? Going ‘independent’ seems risky & a lot of hassle.

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It doesn’t have to be that way though. webdesignforescorts.co.uk have the knowledge, the contacts and the facilities to build you a fully independent site of your own to sell content via Snapchat. Check out this example. We can build a site for premium snapchat amateurs in a matter of days….that’s the easy bit. Getting you in a position where you’re seen as a viable prospect by the payment processors takes longer; there are hurdles, however, we’ve been there & we can get you over them.  Processing fees for approved accounts are around 8%. The big money comes from recurring payments; 3 grand a month would need 150 recurring payments at £20, or just 50 at £60. We’ve seen young students making that kind of money with minimal effort, by rotating their content, and not having to shackle themselves to a webcam for days on end. OnlyFans average monthly payout of £97 pales into insignificance when you look at what’s possible if you go independent. You ‘do the math’.

Intrigued? Get in touch straightaway. Don’t follow the fold, be your own person. YOU CAN MASSIVELY change your life over the next 12-18 months beyond anything you imagined possible as a premium snapchat amateur. It starts with just 3 things:-

The DESIRE to do better…the BELIEF that you can and will get there, and the APPLICATION of the system we can hook up for you. So if you’re a private content creator and you’re not seeing the rewards you expected, do something today your future self will thank you for and pick up the phone 07756-209560.

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