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Covid's making life difficult for the Escort Industry. Some of the big Escorting Portals aren't helping much either. Many have increased charges, disabled Booking Forms, & persist in streaming legal notices about Social Distancing, causing clients to THINK TWICE about Escort Services. Are your bookings way down as a result?

Dear Fellow Escort

Does the headline above relate to you & your escorting activities in any way? If you're normally part-time then you're probably 'getting by' with other work; we sincerely hope so. But if you're an escort who relies on the 'oldest profession' for 100% of your income, life's likely to have been bleak since March. As escorts ourselves, we've been hit hard, however, we're fortunate in having a ton of XXX and vanilla web work to get through & keep us busy. 

As an independent escort, you're unlikely to be the kind of person who follows 'the fold' most of whom it seems are well & truly sold on the #StayHome #StaySafe message. Work places are scrambling to appease them, with a 14+% fall in commercial property values forecast as a result of employees demands for home-working. Business travel has virtually dried up as airlines have been forced to shut down. Executives aka 'our valuable well heeled clients' are no longer travelling to meetings; they're using video conferencing instead with little likelihood of them returning to the old ways, especially once corporations cotton on to the significant savings in travel costs. If you're a web-cammer you've probably offset escorting losses with an increase in cyber sex, however, it's a saturated market, with falling revenues, not to mention HARD WORK. 

The Escort Industry has faced countless challenges during it's 2000+ year existence, and now's no different. We shall adapt. It was changing before Covid-19 anyway, with younger punters moving away from physical meetings to webcam, and significant numbers of upmarket clients choosing more lengthy  'experiential luxury meets' with elite escorts. If you're a long term sex worker, you'll know there's only a limited supply of clients in your local area, so you focus on excellent service to make sure they come back. In between times, you'll get work from people 'passing through' and maybe the odd tour.  Covid-19 has drastically cut the numbers 'passing through'. At the same time a good many hotels have closed for good or reduced capacity; Rooms have been stripped, meals have been cancelled or reduced to 'boxed' offerings, and you're likely to be subject to intense scrutiny if you dare to tour. You also have to be careful of zealous #StaySafers just waiting for an opportunity to report anyone they perceive to be flouting the 'rules'. Yep, a lot has changed in 15 weeks. So, what can you do about it?

Firstly, try and increase LOCAL clientele. Secondly, don't focus on what others are doing, concentrate on YOU. If you're a long time escort you'll be used to the ebbing & flowing nature of our trade. If you've stood the test of time, you'll be good at what you do; you'll have unique qualities and skills other's don't.  If you want to stay in the game your main priority now, is to let as many people know about those skills, that shining personality, those years of experience & empathy with clients. Google don't allow paid advertising of 'personal services' as you'll well know; however, that's more GOOD NEWS than BAD, because it means your web footprint can be fine tuned through careful optimization. You CAN compete with the likes of AdultWork and VivaStreet quite easily and get YOUR NAME at the top of local SERPS. If you're fed up with web design agencies pitching you, we understand. Most of them boast 'stunning websites' in 'beautiful colours' blah blah....what they don't tell you is that the vast majority of them are NEVER FOUND on the web organically; they're showcase sites that people land on through referrals from places like Twitter (another platform you're best to AVOID wasting much time with, furthermore NSFW content looks set to be banned  sometime soon). At webdesignforescorts we focus on careful optimization around YOU, YOUR UNIQUE SKILLS and your local area within say 50 miles. The UK is essentially an urbanised environment, and there are millions of people within that kind of radius; for example, there are 7+ million people within 25 miles of the Emley Moor TV transmitter near Wakefield (Source: Yelp) including parts of Leeds, Sheffield & Manchester, ample numbers to support a professional escort. 

webdesignforescorts.co.uk would love to help you SUSTAIN YOUR ESCORTING CAREER! Check out the article below, and don't hesitate to pick up the phone for FREE ADVICE and a quotation; we're doing Easy Payments now too.....thanks for getting this far, Read more↓    

Why we're one of the best kept Secrets in Escort Web Design....

Sexworkers have every right to quibble the credentials of Adult Web  Agencies many of whom have no 'HAND'S ON' experience of our industry whatsoever...

Our escort website design team is lead by Jerry aka fun50geeze. Geeze has years of experience both at the 'sharp end' escorting AND on the technical side working on XXX websites & Escort SEO to find Adult Work online. In 2002 he started working in the Adult Industry selling sex toys in pubs & social clubs, then began escorting as the male half of fun50couple.  Working with fun50minx,  they became one of the UK's best known M/F escort duos, with over 40,000 visitors to their site annually, and even featured in celeb magazine CLOSER.  

Around 2010 some of the biggest escorting web portals got taken down due to malicious attacks. Geeze figured it might be prudent to build an independent escort website for fun50couple so as not to be dependent on third parties. He spent 4 years learning web development & has continued to build XXX and vanilla sites ever since. These days, Jerry works mostly on front end web development and SEO in between hot escort appointments, while Minx (his female partner & former escort) now works as a Pro Domme.

When considering commissioning an Independent XXX website, isn't it a whole lot better to talk to some-one who knows the industry inside out? Some-one who walks the talk, knows how the punters think, and who's experienced both the intense highs AND the depressing lows inherent within our industry. TOGETHER we can build a site that's Google friendly, responsive on any device & most importantly, focused on YOU & YOUR requirements.

Get found online & keep moving Onward & Upward on the Escort Web. Reach out to us today for FRIENDLY FREE ADVICE and to find out more. Take a look at our site by clicking the menu above 🙂