Thought about Becoming an Escort?

If you've ever thought about becoming an escort, it's probably an indication you're the kind of person 'who could handle it'.  

Perhaps it's a little 'seed' that pops up in your head now & again? OR is it something more than that? A thought that steadfastly refuses to go away? webdesignforescorts is run by escorts FOR escorts and our advice to YOU is #JustDoIt. Take it from us, a thought like that is an itch and it won't go away until you address it.

So, if you like meeting new people, can hold an intelligent conversation & you love sex, you're already three quarters of the way there. The fourth component CONFIDENCE, comes with time and experience, but don't let that worry you. 

Think about it for a moment; your first ever client won't know you from Adam, or should that be Jane? No matter, so long as you can wing it, put pre-conceptions to one side, and be half competent in the bedroom, you'll get through it.  Chances are you'll NEVER see him again anyway.

The first time you emerge from an escort appointment clutching a bundle of cash will stay with you FOREVER, trust us. 

How To Be An Escort, Image shows big breasted lady undressing, red bra and black dress

In the unlikely event you harbour doubts, privately, as to whether 'you were good enough' then don't whatever you do dwell on it! Why? Because most men's brains are in their pants! Odds on he was satisfied; you'll never TRULY know for sure, unless he calls you again from out of the blue. And if he doesn't? Who cares. Move on to the next one. Swiftly. 

Repeat business is like GOLD and should be your main focus as a potentially successful escort, and second only to safety. There's a lot of competition out there, so do your best to delight clients, and you'll never be short of work. Or money for that matter.

Sexwork is Real Work, remember that & hold your head high. It's not uncommon for girls in their 20's to own their own homes outright, after just a few short years working as a committed  Escort, perfectly legally here in the UK. Read more...

15 tips to Help Get You Started as an Escort 

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