Thought about Becoming an Escort?

If you've ever thought about becoming an escort, it's probably an indication you're the kind of person 'who could handle it'.  

Perhaps it's a little 'seed' that pops up in your head now & again? OR is it something more than that? A thought that steadfastly refuses to go away? webdesignforescorts is run by escorts FOR escorts and our advice to YOU is #JustDoIt. Take it from us, a thought like that is an itch and it won't go away until you address it.

So, if you like meeting new people, love sex, & can hold an intelligent conversation, you're already three quarters of the way there! The fourth component CONFIDENCE, comes with time and experience, but don't let that worry you. 

Think about it for a moment; your first ever client won't know you from Adam, or should we say Jane? It doesn't matter so long as you can wing it, put pre-conceptions to one side, and be half competent in the bedroom. You'll get through it. Chances are you'll NEVER see him again anyway.

The first time you emerge from an escort appointment clutching a bundle of cash will stay with you FOREVER, trust us. 

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In the unlikely event you doubt, privately, as to whether you were 'good enough' in that first meeting, don't whatever you do dwell on it! Why? Because most men's brains are in their pants! Odds on he was satisfied; you'll never TRULY know for sure, unless he calls you again from out of the blue. And if he doesn't? Who cares. Move on to the next one. Swiftly. Repeat business is GOLD & should be your main focus as a potentially successful escort, second only to safety. 

There's a lot of competition out there, so do your best to delight clients.  Consistently under-promise & over-deliver, & you'll never be short of work. Or money for that matter.

Think! Sexwork is Real Work so hold your head high. It's not uncommon for girls in their 20's to own their own homes outright, after just a few short years working as a committed  escort, perfectly legally here in the UK. Learn more...

15 tips to Help Get You Started as an Escort 

Tell no-one, not even your BEST FRIEND. Despite what YOU may think about Sex and Escorting, others' perception of it will be VERY DIFFERENT, and may come as a surprise to you. So keep schtum. 
The easiest place to advertise as an online escort, is AdultWork. The site has its faults and the management tends towards bolshiness, but it remains one of the best platforms for part time and professional escorts in the UK. It's also relatively safe, allowing you to vet clients by way of internal feedback & Field Reports.
You can pay for your own AdultWork subsite, but we would recommend against it. You won't have control over your domain name which could hurt at a later date, and the sites have no tangible benefit. Far better to commission your own independent site which you can link to directly from your Adult Work profile. Having your own site, means you won't be affected so badly if AW or any other portal you decide to go on goes down from a DDoS attack. 
You are not doing anything illegal working solo from your own home and offering incalls as an escort. Outcalls to clients in hotels or their homes are also 100% legal. It IS against the law to work from premises in the company of another escort(s), paid or not;  it would make the premises 'a brothel' in the eyes of the law, and ILLEGAL, so don't do it. 
Be discreet. Don't dress provocatively close to home, and be careful when visiting hotels. Some establishments now utilise AI to identify escorts (from pictures posted online) and ask them politely to leave. Only use images in your escort advertising specific to your escorting life; Never use images you use anywhere else or you could be outed via Reverse Search.
Lies are part & parcel of Escorting Life. Get over it, and get good at them. If you plan to offer incalls at home, then make it appear you're up to something different. A sports therapist, a reiki practitioner,  a book-keeper or tutor, whatever; just be sure to spin a web of deceit to neighbours and nosy parkers aka 'the mushroom syndrome'.
If word get's out, be prepared to lose friends, relatives even. Escorting is PROSTITUTION in their eyes, and you're a BAD PERSON. Remember though, these people aren't paying your bills, so Stand Proud & Defiant. In point of fact, some of them may secretly envy you, what's more you'll probably earn more in an hour than some of them see from a couple of DAYS work & you'll have fun doing it 90% of the time.  Note, 9o%; be ready to kiss some frogs. 
NEVER trust the Police, Councils or associated quangos & NEVER let them into your home.  
NEVER divulge your address until you know your client is genuine, there are many men out there who are time-wasters with no intention of turning up for an appointment. They just get off on dirty talk and messaging, so why give out your address unnecessarily? When inviting a client to your home, get them to proceed to a holding point close-by, ideally where you can observe them from a distance. Only when they're there do you give final directions, and NEVER by text.
Don't trust Social Media, Microsoft, Whatsapp or similar. Anything to do with Facebook or Google is suspect; synching devices may cause you to popup at random on all kinds of platforms & devices including those of friends & family.  Have a dedicated mobile phone for sexwork. Install a VPN like Vypr on your phone or tablet; doing this will enable you to access Adult Content including retrieving messages in places like hotels, restaurants  & fast food joints, where NSFW traffic is BLOCKED. 
Get yourself a dedicated encrypted email account such as and use it for steamy messaging. Microsoft Outlook, Google and others block and/or censor XXX emails; it's done covertly: you'll get notifications like 'we're unable to send your message just now, Try again later'.  That is censorship interfering with your communication. 
Keep records of earnings and pay tax. There are accountants out there who specialise in 'entertainers' and 'therapists' aka sexworkers. Remember though, Self Assessment means just that; you DON'T have to use an accountant to submit self employed accounts.
Escorting is what you make it. Due diligence, common sense, and an eye for detail will pay off. Regular clients will become almost like personal friends, entirely separate from your 'vanilla life'. Look and learn. There are many sub genres of sexwork you may have little interest in just now.  Be open-minded, be professional & play safe. Who knows where events will lead you. Finally, rest assured, webdesignforescorts are ready to help you with any aspect of escort marketing. Most of all, HAVE FUN 🙂 

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