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Our professional team has years of Adult Industry experience. TOGETHER we can design a site that's responsive on any device, GOOGLE FRIENDLY & most importantly, focused on YOU & YOUR requirements. Get found and move Onward & Upward on the Escort Web. Get in touch TODAY for FREE ADVICE and to find out more.

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If you're wondering how to start your own Escort Service or how to advertise as an Independent Escort Online, then there are many options. The best escort sites in the UK generating the most traffic are AdultWork and Punterlink joined by hundreds of smaller sites, free escort directories and local escort agencies who will find you work and take a cut. Setting up an escort business using these platforms has become as easy as 1-2-3, however, there are black clouds looming. Legislation passed in 2018 by the American Government (FOSTA SESTA) effectively shut down online escort services across the Pond OVERNIGHT forcing sex workers to make a choice between hitting the streets (illegal in the US) or walking away from the industry. The law forbids third party websites to advertise prostitution; if they do, they themselves can be criminally liable, hence sites like BackPage and Craig’s List disappearing. BackPage’s directors have been arrested and face decades in jail…yes, really. Things have calmed down a bit now, but the whole FOSTA/SESTA thing has deeper implications for FREE Image of FUCK FOSTA tattoo. FOSTA is American legislation against online sex workersSPEECH online...it’s not the purpose of this website to debate the rights and wrongs of such legislation, suffice to say, that whatever happens ‘over there’ invariably ends up over here in the United Kingdom. HM Government instructed Bristol University to research online escorting and a white paper hit Minister's desk in the Spring of 2019, about the same time the so called Porn Block was due to be implmented. Since then things have been 'kicked into the long grass' with a new PM & subsequent General Election Campaign, preceeded by a welcome announcement from Digital Secretary Nicky Morgan in October 2019, scrapping the proposed Age Verification scheme.  As sexworkers we can't rest on our laurels. There are rumblings from Corbyn about state control of the internet including blocking porn; we can also expect the White Paper on sexworkers to be dusted down once a new administration is in power. Across the Pond, following FOSTA/SESTA, many American sex workers who formerly advertised on the big portals moved to offshore web sites, out of the jurisdiction of the US authorities. It remains to be seen what our own government will come up with, however, odds on eventually, it will be akin to FOSTA and gold-plated.

So, how does this affect YOU as an independent escort?

Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news I’m afraid. The good news, is the aforementioned legislation goes after ‘third party internet service providers' who 'promote online prostitution', so YOU, as an independent individual who happens to be an escort, are on safer ground. But Whoaaaaa there! Hosting is another casualty. If you host your escorting website with an American Company you could fall foul of the law. If you’re a '.com' technically, the Yanks can shut you down, even if you’re working in, and hosted by, a country where online prostitution is entirely legal. So you’ll need to find a hosting company that’s adult content friendly, in a country where online prostitution is legal, and a nation with strict privacy laws, so they’ll not hand your secrets over to any Tom, Dick or Government Clipboard. We at webdesignforescorts.co.uk are the first to acknowledge there are some brilliant adult web design companies up and down the country. There are even some free escort website builders out there you could use yourself! Either option could deliver a pretty website but in the real world, will it be Fit For Purpose? Will it bring in the business and will it remain under the radar of the Authorities?

Are you beginning to see why as an Independent Escort it makes sense when choosing an escort website builder to find some-one with deep knowledge of the industry & the PITFALLS & CHALLENGES that lie ahead? We're on YOUR SIDE! It's our job to help make your ONLINE ESCORTING CAREER a success, so don't be backward in coming forward! Get in touch: 07756-209560

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Making a living as an escort is a full time job in itself, without the hassles of maintaining a credible online presence in a politically correct world increasingly hostile to your chosen vocation. Get it right though and you will attract a more select clientele, see more money AND be secure in the knowledge that YOU, not somebody else, will be master (or mistress) of your own destiny….isn’t that what being independent should be all about?


SEO is another area you should consider carefully. Google is the preferred Search Engine of 73%+ of the World’s population, and more often or not it is the means your punter will use to find you. Image of upward trending SEO Graphic relevant to Independent Escorts & MistressesGoogle prohibit paid advertising of ‘personal services’, which isn’t as disadvantageous as you might think. Why? Because you will not be up against other’s with BIG BUCKS splashing out on Adwords. Your SERP result will be determined solely by the quality of content based on intelligent SEO built upon deep competitor analysis, relevant keywords, on and off-page optimization, monitored by regular site audits. Pay attention to those details and you’ll rank high, however, do not think it’s a one-off process. Maintaining a high ranking damands continuous effort which is why you should consider allocating funds for monthly SEO services. Don’t believe us? OR maybe you're thinking we're just after your hard-earned cash? If that truly is your POV, then go your own way & just watch your site slide down the rankings. Always bear in mind 90% of your target audience will seldom look beyond the first page of Google, or Bing for that matter. Don’t let that happen! Get in touch & let’s start a conversation about YOU and YOUR online aspirations. CALL from outside UK: (+44)7756-209560, UK callers: 07756-209560 #JustDoIt 🙂